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Author Info 

Article Specs and Deadlines eMagazine

Text: Word or Pages

Font size: 12 (Text, Titles, and Paragraphs)

Text Elements: Bold, Italics, and Underline

Line spacing:1,5

Paragraph spacing: default (do not use different spacing)

Hyperlinks: Full link (path) in text

Photo: Send as a separate file

Photo format: JPG, PNG

Photo size: min. 800 pix or more (max15MB)

Post title: Choose a catchy title. Think about 'What triggers professionals to read my article'. Keep it short, try to catch the essence of your article. Remember that your target group might be less 'savvy' in your area of expertise, and therefore not familiar with specific words, definitions, and descriptions.

Text revisions in Beta/Proof for magazine articles 

We prefer revisions in the beta/proof (PDF). However when you add or delete longer sentences or paragraphs then please send us the changes in a revised manuscript. It is easier for us to start all over again than to process the revisions in the layout of the Beta (proof) - and it prevents us from unforeseen extra editorial costs.  

URL use when sharing your article via your channels

We're pleased that our authors share their contributions via their own channels (Linkedin, website, blogs, and others). Because LBW publishes its content in a responsive format* we recommend using the general links provided by your LBW contact. Responsive content scales itself to the device used by the readers/user. For instance: Copying and sharing the link from your web browser results in a dedicated web presentation when used on another device (e.g. phone, tablet), and therefore missing out on the presentation and functionalities of the device.

* Responsive content automatically resizes, hides, shrinks, or enlarges, a website, to make it look good on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets, and phones)

Republication and usage of LegalBizWorld posts

For most posts by external authors, LBW has the exclusive publishing rights. Copyrights stay at the Author. Nevertheless, we believe in sharing our content and therefore most of our authors are happy to share their articles if you use proper citation (Source - Legal Business World | Author -name | incl. a backlink to the original article). Just send us an email so we can inform the author.

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