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Have you ever thought that you need to improve your law firm workflow?

Have you ever thought that you need to improve your law firm workflow? If you answered “YES”, then you will want to join LegalTrek’s upcoming Webinar on September 27th, 4:30 PM Berlin (CEST) / 10:30 AM New York (EDT).

The panelists Greg McLawsen, Dr. Sascha Theissen, and John Grant will answer your questions on how to make your firm (or in-house team) truly agile.

Why you should attend this Webinar?

Legal Project Management sometimes sounds as a complex topic. However, it only represents a discipline that makes sure your clients get their services on time, in line with the agreed budget.

Kanban is a pretty powerful method. It is visual, logical, and does not require any technical knowledge. In very short time, Kanban enhances communication, productivity, and transparency in teams.

What will be discussed during this Webinar?

The panelists will point at the advantages that Kanban brings. Here are some of the questions they will answer:-

  • Why is Kanban the most recommended project management method?

  • What positive effects legal teams get shortly after applying Kanban?

  • What benefits do law firm clients see as a result?

  • Why should in-house legal departments require their law firms to use Kanban?

Are Agile and Kanban right methods for your team?

Kanban is a highly effective method in organizations with different processes and hierarchy.

Greg shared his experience using Kanban:

“We used to use the same project management method as almost all other law firms – that’s no method whatsoever. It’s actually pretty rare for attorneys to view what they do as managing projects, though that’s exactly what it is.

Dr. Sascha Theissen also recommends Kanban from his personal experience:

“Kanban is an evolutionary change tool, which drives change and innovation by creating transparency. We sticked to Kanban because we really liked the easy visual overview of all of our task’s statuses and the short daily routine meeting to get the team synchronized.”

John Grant recommends Agile because of the value it brings to clients. Here’s what he added:

“Although Agile developed around the software industry, it is effectively the “missing link” that helps unlock the tools and techniques of Lean philosophies for the world of knowledge work.

At its core, Agile is about orienting teams around the delivery of customer value, which is exactly what legal clients are saying has been missing from the industry.“

Why Kanban, and not some other LPM method?

John primarily recommends Kanban for legal teams since it creates an interface layer that allows lawyers to actually see the work. According to John, it is the visual nature of Kanban that really resonates with knowledge workers, including lawyers. He feels that Kanban really helps legal teams get their sense of stages and progress of their workflows.

To learn more, join Greg, Sascha, and John in the discussion on how to increase productivity, cut overhead, and have more fun in the process of running your team.

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