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Must Hear: An Interview with Michael Roster

How the ACC Value Challenge Affects Business Development – Michael Roster

Equally highly recommended is a conversation with Michael Roster, which can be found on Legal Marketing Launch, a U.S. website devoted to audio podcast interviews with rainmakers, marketing professionals, clients and others sharing insights on marketing and business development.

When it comes to industry observers, Michael Roster has what I like to think of as the equivalent of a front row seat. His experience includes serving as Managing Partner of Morrison Foerster’s L.A. office, co-chair of its Financial Services Practice Group worldwide and a member of its policy committee; General Counsel of Stanford University and also Golden West Financial; and steering committee co-chair of the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Value Challenge. He has the advantage of seeing law firm economics from pretty much every key vantage point, and at senior levels, and it is fair to count him as one of the industry’s change agents. The interview is both a good introduction to his thinking and a look at why, and how, business development is central to the change underway in legal services.

Highly recommended. Click here for more

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