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Upcoming European Corporate Counsel Summit 2017

As the regulatory landscape continues to shift, GCs are the force keeping organisations compliant and safe from monetary damage that could outweigh profit. Additionally, legal leaders are faced with the practical and cultural challenges in managing a geographically spread out team as multi-national corporations continue to plant their flags around the globe. Besides globalisation, technology undoubtedly is the primary factor supporting the growth of corporations requiring in-house counsels to adopt digital tools to maximise operational efficiency. Legal officers are embracing change by getting closer to the business and expanding their role to interdepartmental facilitator, crisis manager and business catalyst.

The European Corporate Counsel Summit is the premium forum bringing together leading in-house counsel with specialist international law firms and legal services providers. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers global and European GCs an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping the legal profession.

The one-to-one business meetings provide access to managers of the largest corporate legal budgets in European – in-house counsel with direct responsibility for researching and selecting law firms. A thorough selection process ensures a qualified audience, which grants unparalleled business and networking opportunities in a luxurious and stimulating environment.

The most recent ECC Summit took place in Rome in November, 2016 continued a tradition of providing an intimate environment for GCs and selected service providers to engage in a meaningful way.

Keynote speaker Jörg Häring, GC Power & Gas Europe & Africa, of Siemens will share his insight on Incorporating legal technology with traditional and new forms of commercial legal services to generate value.

The event will also include a presentation on highlighting the significance of the new General Data Protection Regulations and on examining diverse strategies within the privacy landscape by keynote speaker Emma Redmond, Senior Data Protection & Privacy Counsel, LinkedIn.

The General Counsel of GE Energy Management EMEA: “Excellent event that delivers lots of value. Topics were well chosen and there was a nice mix of practitioners and outside lawyers.

The Senior Legal Counsel of Johnson & Johnson: “Good formula to gain fresh ideas from other industries and to benchmark common issues and solutions.”

The demand for in-house counsels to advise on business strategy and risk management has exponentially increased. As a result of their broadening role, GCs are expected to do more but with the same or less resources than they had previously. Therefore embracing digital tools has never been more necessary. Risks that need to be managed are across borders and across different departments ranging from financial, technological and regulatory. Counsels must also design and support an environment in which compliance is a competitive advantage. To gain respect and visibility in their company, legal leaders must have the ability to blend their legal, business and management savviness.

To find out more about the European Corporate Counsel Summit taking place 19-20 June, 2017 please visit

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