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Law is a Buyers Market: Book Review by Industry Experts

Law is a Buyers Market | Building a Client First Law Firm by Jordan Furlong

This is an exceptionally clear book, brimming with practical help, and humorous into the bargain. Jordan’s assessment of the legal market should be read carefully by clients and lawyers everywhere.” Prof. Richard Susskind, author, Tomorrow’s Lawyers

“Law firm leaders who adopt Jordan’s suggestions for managing the law firm of the future – focusing on clients, competitiveness, and culture – will more effectively serve the real business needs of their clients and will be better able to face the disruptive forces that are irrevocably changing the legal market.” Scott Rechtschaffen, Chief Knowledge Officer, Littler Mendelson P.C.

“This book is a must-read for every law firm leader. It informs strategic planning from the client's perspective, helping law firms improve the legal delivery service model and deliver greater value to clients.” Jill Weber, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Stinson Leonard Street

“Jordan’s provocative book is a challenge to all law firms and lawyers — to listen attentively to our clients and see the world through their eyes, to build our businesses on rapidly changing client needs and markets, and to embrace technology-enabled innovation.” Peter Lukasiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Gowling WLG

“If you are a law firm partner or leader, you must read this book and suspend the natural but dangerous desire to believe it doesn’t apply to you – because it applies to everyone in our industry.” Susan Manch, Chief of People & Development, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP

“For any business to have sustained success, it must be focused on meeting the needs of its customer. In Law is a Buyer’s Market, Jordan Furlong provides a timely road map for how law firms can make this necessary transition. From culture to strategy, the book covers the broad law firm landscape. We can only hope firms will take the hard look at their structure, strategy and economics and take Jordan’s advice.” Toby Brown, Chief Practice Management Officer, Perkins Coie LLP

“The rise of the modern industrial and administrative state created a seller’s market for sophisticated legal services. That hundred-year run is over. Jordan Furlong has written a book for the first generation of law firm leaders to face the existential threat of a true buyer’s market. Some of these leaders will get credit for transforming the legal profession for the better. As Jordan points out, each of these leaders will share one attribute: courage.” Prof. William Henderson, University of Indiana Maurer School of Law

“Anyone with a personal investment of time, thought or money in any aspect of the North American practice of law knows all too well the sickening feeling that the bottom is dropping out of the business of law. With his new book, Law is a Buyer’s Market, Jordan Furlong throws the reader a beautifully crafted and sturdy line. Grab on and hold tight! With clarity and precision, Furlong characterizes the very real trouble we’re in — then holds a light to the best way out. This is the book you’ve been waiting for." Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, Principal, Astin Tarlton LLC

“Jordan Furlong is a savvy legal analyst who for many years has had the evolution of the global legal marketplace under a microscope. In Law is a Buyer’s Market, he offers street smarts, analysis and wise counsel that paint a clearer picture of the changing legal landscape. Whether you have a leadership role in a mega-firm or practice as a sole practitioner, this book is vital to your navigation to competitive advantage.” Gerry Riskin, Chairman, Global Consultancy: Edge International

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