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Your Weekly Lawtomatic Digest

The Appetizer: Sponsors

The Main Course: 5 Things You Should Know this Week

  • The Need for a Legal Tech Graveyard: an interesting idea from Vanessa Butnick Davis, VP of Legal & Managing Product Counsel at LegalZoom.

  • How Palace Law Has Deployed Legal Tech in Real Life: it's not just AmLaw 200 firms with CIOs - smaller firms can do cool stuff too.

  • Map of the Legal AI Landscape: LawGeex has a cool visualization of the various companies working at the intersection of AI and law in 2018.

  • Legal Ops is Hot...but legal culture is cool toward it, says Mark Cohen.

  • Want to improve AI in law? Let's Collaborate using Public Data: Jason Tashea introduces the idea in the ABA Journal.

A Lagniappe

  • The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowds: this is the most thought-provoking game I've played since Universal Paperclip.


About Gabe Teninbaum (@GTeninbaum) is a professor at Suffolk Law (with additional affiliations at Yale, Harvard, and MIT) focusing on legal innovation, technology, and the changing business of law.

Every day, he digest tons of content on these topics. The goal of Lawtomatic, his newsletter, is to curate the most interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking of these ideas.

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