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Reducing your Legal Fees

eDiscovery is unpredictable, disruptive, and stressful. It also is the most expensive part of litigation. And required IT resources and litigation budgets are impossible to plan.

The high costs of eDiscovery are incurred over the whole process. So, even if you do not want to bring the entire eDiscovery process in-house, you can still save tremendously by doing parts of it in-house.

Collection & Processing

Many corporations still provide unprocessed and pre-culled content to their third-party eDiscovery service provider and outside legal counsel. Thus, external processing and review costs continue to double at the same pace as the data volumes.

Automated collecting and processing templates allow you to collect directly from your most common data sources, including Office 365. When your organization uses self-collection, users can collect and upload information related to the request themselves (PST, disks, USB).

With accelerators for aggressive culling, the amount of data is reduced and the time needed for review, investigations, and productions is shortened drastically.

Eliminating third-party collection and processing fees

Leveraging ZyLAB ONE eDiscovery automated collection and processing drastically eliminate third-party collection and processing fees.

First Pass Review and Early Case Assessment

Once your content is processed and de-duplicated, all data components are searchable. Even those containers that may not be initially searchable (PDF, TIFF, Audio, etc.) are unpacked (PST, NSF, ZIP, ARJ, etc.) or embedded objects., documents in foreign languages can be translated into English, and all content is enriched by adding semantic information, optionally detecting sentiments, emotions, and other advanced patterns.

Now you can use highly automatic tools to defensibly eliminate as much non-responsive information as possible. In addition, you can identify potentially privileged information early in the process, and prioritize hot and responsive documents for your external legal counsel.

ZyLAB’s advanced search, text-mining, topic modeling, and other advanced data analytics and visualizations enable you to do a first-pass review and the best early case assessment. You get immediate deep insights in the real problems and can better estimate the complexities of a project, estimate required resources and define the right strategy in the very early phases of the project.

ZyLAB’s ECA allows you to prioritize relevant data and remove obvious unrelated and personal data before passing it over to your external counsel, thereby dramatically lowering external review costs.

Review and Production platform in your control

With ZyLAB, you can do a quick first pass review and then sent the data to you external counsel for further review. Alternatively, you can also host the review platform yourself and allow your external counsel access to help you with (specific parts) of the review process. This way you are always in full control of your data, and you can closely monitor the review progress and measure the productivity of different legal advisors. The final production can be done from both your platform, or in case you transfer data to you law firm, from their platform.

The use of ZyLAB TAR, Topic Modeling, Batch Tagging and other review accelerators speed up the process and increase the quality. This way you find more relevant documents faster and with less resources.

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