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Your Weekly Lawtomatic Digest

The Appetizer: Sponsors

The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week

  • He Gave *That* 3 and 1/2 Stars? Reading Roger Ebert's archive of movie reviews is fun because he was such a talented writer. He also had some unexpected ratings, including giving 3.5 stars for Anaconda. He was such a good writer that you read that review and actually sort of get where he's coming from (but not really. It's a 1.5 star movie if ever there was one).


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(@GTeninbaum) is a professor at Suffolk Law (with additional affiliations at Yale, Harvard, and MIT) focusing on legal innovation, technology, and the changing business of law.

Every day, he digest tons of content on these topics. The goal of Lawtomatic, his newsletter, is to curate the most interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking of these ideas.

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