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The Global Legal Hackathon 2019, happening simultaneously in 45 cities around the world on February 22-24th, will introduce a new GLH Tech Hub with tools provided by leading legal technology companies for use by participants during the hackathon.

Feb. 7, 2019- The largest legal innovation event of the year, the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 (#GLH2019), will feature a new resource for participants, the GLH Tech Hub, that will give thousands of hackathon participants from around the globe access to cutting edge tools and applications provided by leading legal technology companies.

Neota Logic, Kira Systems, Diligen, and Integra, are among the many legal technology firms that will provide access to their software and tools in the GLH Tech Hub so that hackathon participants will be able to incorporate them into their projects and MVPs (“Minimum Viable Products”). David Fisher, the co-founder of the Global Legal Hackathon, commented, “We’re very excited that the LegalTech companies are joining the GLH mission to accelerate and amplify legal industry innovation. Their involvement means that hackathon participants this year will be able to build even more sophisticated and powerful applications during the hackathon weekend.”

In 2018, the Global Legal Hackathon brought over 5,000 participants together in more than 40 cities, across 22 countries. This year the event is expected to be even bigger, with new cities and countries, including two cities in India. In addition to the new GLH Tech Hub, the hackathon will be the occasion for the launch of the Global Rise of Women in LegalTech (“GROWL”) initiative to support up-and-coming women leaders in legal innovation. More than 50 of the top women legal industry leaders from around the world have volunteered their time during the hackathon to mentor and advise women-led teams.

There is still time to register to participate in this year’s hackathon, which is open to everyone interested in legal innovation at no cost and no experience required. And if your legal technology company would like to contribute technology and tools to the GLH Technology Hub for use by thousands of legal innovators during this year’s hackathon weekend (February 22-24), please contact: Mike Rinow.


About the Global Legal Hackathon 2019:

The Global Legal Hackathon is a non-profit organization that was founded to accelerate and amplify innovation in the legal industry. The annual hackathon that it organizes is a global, experiential learning laboratory for innovators and visionaries from within law firms, corporate legal departments, legal technology companies, universities, governments, and service providers. It brings together the best thinkers, doers and practitioners in law in support of a unified vision: rapid development of solutions to improve the legal industry, worldwide.

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