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An Adtech Comic in Two Parts

Would you be PUT ON EDGE if you first were listening to the Tequila song streamed online, and then, at your first page view of an online newspaper, a Tequila ad pops up ? Find out how your personal data are used to serve you with a very personalised ad. Check out part 1 of the Adtech comic:

How embedding 3rd party technology on your website can make you co-responsible with the 3rd party for processing your website visitors' personal data. Check out Part 2 of the Adtech comic: online and PDF

All the pages in the comic "EYE-ON-AD TECH" are drawn by hand and painted with tempera. Every single colour is created by hand-grinding dry powdered pigments that are mixed with egg. The whole print series or single prints are available to acquire. Interested or more info, please send an email to


About the Author

Georg Philip Krog has written the text for the comic "EYE-ON-AD TECH”. In daily life Georg is Co- founder and Chief of Legal Counsel of Signatu. Signatu is a self-serviced cloud service that provides software to monitor 3rd parties on websites and to ensure lawful and entrusted processing of end-user data. Georg has previously worked as consultant and as researcher at the Faculty of Law in Oslo and Max Planck Institut in Hamburg, and Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School. Signatu website:

About the Illustrator

Henriette Dedichen has with great fun illustrated the comic "EYE-ON-AD TECH”. When creating art and design, Henriette loves to play with references to art history, architecture, philosophy and languages. As an art historian Henriette has worked at museums, and has written and edited the books Warhol ́s Queens, published by Hatje Cantz and Munch/Warhol, published by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as well as curated exhibitions around the world.

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