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ZentLaw Labs Launches LawDesk360

New AI-Powered Workflow Efficiency Platform for Enterprise Legal Organizations

When you picture a legal department or law firm, what comes to mind? If you’re like us, it involves overflowing stacks of paper and lawyers pulling long hours in pursuit of inbox zero.

That’s what ZentLaw Labs, the innovation arm of leading legal services company, ZentLaw, plans to change. It announced today the launch of LawDesk360, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered workflow efficiency platform designed to increase productivity within legal departments and law firms. The new platform utilizes AI technology to enable those in legal departments and firms to work in a smarter, more efficient way, and allows them to easily work with their colleagues both within and outside their organizations.

“We named the product LawDesk360 because it empowers today’s legal professionals to get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of what is relevant to the work on their desk at that point in time - all from wherever they are when they access the platform,” said Monica Zent, founder of ZentLaw and ZentLaw Labs. “The online virtual desk experience opens new lines of communication and sharing, while cutting down on the inefficient aspects of working in a law firm or legal department.”

With some reports showing more than half of lawyers working remotely, the challenge has never been greater for legal departments and firms to manage their increasingly dispersed workforce and empower their teams to work efficiently and collaboratively from wherever they are located.

LawDesk360 is specifically designed to facilitate the nature of the legal workflow cycle. Whether they are at a law firm or in a corporate legal department, the platform provides legal professionals with tools and functions that support work at various stages of a matter from initial assessment to creation and collaboration to resolution and closure. Features include:

● Enhanced Productivity: The platform allows teams to communicate internally, including sharing messages and comments through the platform around specific subjects. The platform also facilitates sharing excerpts of language with real-time editing, and offers control over what information is shared and with whom.

● Streamlined Communication: While the platform reduces the need for emails and phone calls, when a call is necessary, legal professionals can use the built-in conferencing feature to seamlessly set up team video-conferencing. Team-level communication, intra-organization communication, and one-to-one messaging facilitate varying degrees of discussion. And with one-click, team members can download all conversations and exchanges in a team.

● Business-Class Security: LawDesk360 includes business-class security to help today’s enterprise legal teams get work done with confidence.

● Enhanced Search: AI-powered search is included to deliver more relevant results and save time.

● Library Access: The volume of industry news that crosses legal professionals’ desk every day is often too much to consume. To give busy legal professionals access to valuable industry information they need, LawDesk360 provides a library of certain materials plus curated legal industry news and information via its partnerships with high-caliber, legal industry publishers, such as LegalBusinessWorld and High Performance Counsel.

“Whether it’s to research a case, draft a contract, edit a clause, onboard a new attorney or share news with a client, LawDesk360 unclutters workflow in a legal department or firm so that team members can work more efficiently — wherever they are,” says Zent.

For more information, please visit @LawDesk360


About ZentLaw Labs

ZentLaw Labs is an innovation hub that aims to bring tech acumen and startup thinking to the legal industry. Created by ZentLaw founder Monica Zent, ZentLaw Labs is based on the insight that in today’s legal industry landscape, law departments and companies are challenged to find ways to do more with less. For more information, visit @zentlaw

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