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The renowned Suffolk Law School drives the 2nd edition of The Future Lawyer

The 2nd edition (2019) of The Future Lawyer is compiled by Suffolk Law School (Boston, US).

Faculty members, researchers, staff, (former) students, and others share their thoughts and insights on Innovation, legal tech, business development, education, etc. Like many of you we love reading The Future Lawyer and hope you like the contributions as much as we did!

In this edition:

  • Preface. Legal Education for the 21st Century, by Dean Andrew Perlman

  • (Tech) Actions Speak Louder: Developing Tomorrow’s Legal Thinkers, Problem-Solvers, & Builders, by Dyane O’Leary and Gabriel Teninbaum

  • About the Legal Innovation and Technology (LIT) Lab

  • Legal Tools of the Future: Transitioning from Student to Innovator, by Nicole Siino

  • ”Et Tu, Elle Woods?” Advice to Future Law Students, by Sammi Elefant

  • Lean Sigma’s Lesson Number One: Be Receptive to Respond Effectively, by Radhika Akhil

  • Re-imagining Experiential Legal Education, by Paul Knapp and David Colarusso

  • Dabble in Design: How Competition Sparks the Traits of the Next Generation Lawyer, by Anthony W. Metzler

  • From Theory to Practice: Using Machine Learning to Help Those in Need, by David Colarusso

  • Law Library Efforts Fueling Innovation, by Rick Buckingham and Liza Rosenof

  • Starting Start-Ups: Leveraging Technology to Protect IP, by Lauren Sabino

  • Accelerating Today’s Student to Become Tomorrow’s Lawyer, by Garrett Dubois

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