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Global Legal Hackaton: a three week innovation event taking place online from April 27 to May 17

As the current Executive Director for the Global Legal Hackathon, I am honoured to announce our partnership with The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers and RSG Consulting for, "The FT Innovative Lawyers Global Legal Hackathon Challenge", bringing together the legal industry to rapidly develop solutions to the critical challenges now facing our world.

Since the beginning of the Global Legal Hackathon, our event platform has given access to the world’s legal industry to provide solutions using technology and innovation, successfully doing so and tackling the toughest issues in the sector. While our #GLH2020 event was a massive success, and our winning teams continue to develop their solutions, we now face our biggest global challenge yet - COVID-19.

Global Legal Hackathon recognises that this has significantly impacted the legal industry, prompting us to immediately put together this challenge with the support of our partners and our global community. Please use the link here to read our news article.

Beginning today, we have opened a new hackathon for registration in collaboration with the Financial Times and RSG Consulting: Registration starts now and runs through April 26. The event will be held virtually from April 27 through May 17, where thousands of legal professionals, software developers, designers and businesses will come together to develop solutions to the most pressing challenges posed by organisations, governments, and individuals.

Solving this unprecedented global crisis is going to require the collected effort and creativity of us all! We ask you to submit a challenge for a team to tackle, join a team or submit a team!

Organisations of every type, from every country, are invited to submit urgent challenges that they have identified, which may relate to their industry, their country, or the world. The overall objective is to harness the collective capability, energy and innovation of the world’s legal industry to support communities, governments, and industries during this global emergency.

Sincerely, Kearra Markowich Executive Director Global Legal Hackathon @worldhackathon

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