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On Brand: How To Ensure Your Law Firm Makes The Right Impression

Statistics show that more people are using reviews than ever before. Reputation is everything, especially in sectors like healthcare and law. If you’re looking to drive your legal firm forward, attract new customers and improve your ratings, branding is key. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your law firm makes the right impression every time.

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Establish your target customer

When you’re working on branding concepts and strategies, it is critical to define your audience. Who are you looking to attract, and who do you want to target with your marketing and sales campaigns? Create an ideal client persona and use market research techniques to gather information about the individuals or groups that you’re keen to work with. Once you have collected data, you can work on branding and promoting your firm in a way that resonates with prospective customers and creates the right impression. The logo and straplines you choose, the way you present your website, the type of content you share and the look and tone of your marketing materials shape the way clients perceive your practice. Every post, article, advert or promotion should be drawn up and delivered with the target client in mind.

Be consistent

Consistency is one of the most vital considerations for a branding strategy. Your campaigns should provide a clear message, and anyone who is looking for information about your business should have a firm idea of who you are, what you offer and why they should choose you. Focus on the key messages you want to send out to prospective and existing clients, use the same themes across all media and marketing touchpoints and take advantage of digital asset management software. With this type of program, marketing teams and employees have access to a pool of content, which reflects the brand. If you have a website, social media accounts and printed marketing materials, for example, it should be obvious that they all represent the same firm. Use your brand logo and typography to distinguish your content and provide information about your law firm. Branding enables you to tell the client what your practice is all about and how you’re different, and it can set you apart from rivals.

Respond to client demands

Searching for a lawyer is very different from looking for other services. People who search for legal advice are on the hunt for experts they can trust and they’re going to look carefully at your track record, the services you provide, your reputation and the way in which you treat your clients. It is crucial to use branding to instil trust and ensure people see you as a professional, reputable, reliable firm. Branding for a legal practice should be very different to a clothing store, a party company or a business selling toys for pets, for example.

First impressions are key when trying to attract new clients, but it’s also vital to understand the importance and impact of customer reviews and feedback. If people search for a law firm online, you want to make sure that your practice shines, and you can use targeted, tailored branding techniques to set the tone, to promote professionalism and trustworthiness and to connect and engage with your ideal client.

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