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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2020 - ed. #3

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2020 - ed. #3:

  • Cut costs, reduce marketing, ‘do not do’ business development law firms in 2020, Kamila Kurkowka

  • Self-Sovereign Digital Identity. The Management of Identities and the Ability to Prove Who We Are, Tatiana Revoredo

  • Clients Want Firms That Know Their Industry, Patrick J. McKenna and Michael Rynowecer

  • Cost Levers along the Next Gen Value Chain of Professional Services, Sebastian Hartmann & Stephan Kaufmann

  • Good Intentions. The Idea and Execution of Diversity Management, Dr. Susanne Reinemann and Markus Hartung

  • The Times They Are ‘A-Changin’ 4 Areas Law Firms Should Rethink, Brian Kennel

  • Three Basic Competencies for Corporate Counsel, Richard G. Stock

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic A Catalyst for Change in a New World, Pamela Cone

  • Monotony in the midst of Covid-19: a Legal Pandemic, Rethabile Konopo

  • How Legal Design will change the way we approach innovation in legal services, Alisha Andert

  • The Rise of Legal Operations in EMEA, Catherine J. Moynihan and Robin Snasdell

  • Small country, big opportunities for international law firms, Yaara Deitcher

  • The Rapid Transformation to a Remote Global Workforce. Interview with Bob Rowe and Jamie Berry of Integreon, Ari Kaplan

  • Digital Fluidity: The Law Firm with no Address, Anders Spile

  • Team Create & PRONTO! Abeer Abu Judeh

  • Law firms collaborate on artificial intelligence training, Alejandro Pérez

  • Doing Deals Better with Diagrams, Ron Friedmann

  • 5 Ways General Counsels and Senior Partners can collaborate to improve diversity, Lisa Unwin

  • Promoting Your Legal Business Online, Editorial Dept.

  • Legal Industry’s Journey to Fixed Pricing is Entering its Final Stages, Editorial Dept.

  • Leading international law firm Clifford Chance announces new partners, Editorial Dept.

You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.

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