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BoLD Summit: The Business Value of Legal Design

March 10-12, 2022

FREE Registration

What is the Business Value of Legal Design? Why legal departments and law firms are using Legal Design? What is the Return on Investment for Legal Design projects? How to measure the impact of Legal Design on society? How to build a successful practice in Legal Design? Join us at the Event to learn more!

Get Proven Strategies and Practical Insights on the Business Value of Legal Design

Discover from the Pros how to use Legal Design to deliver value to your customers, but also to enhance your brand, create and deliver engaging content, as well as how to start and grow in the Legal Design space. Discover the BoLD Speakers and register to attend the Live BoLD Summit!

Eager to discover the Business Value of Legal Design? Join the Summit on March 10-12, 2022 with Speakers from all Over the World coming together to share practical insights, the latest research, and new trends!

Register to Attend the Summit: A 3-Day Event On March 10-12th, 2022


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