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How Legal Firms Can Differentiate Themselves Without Losing Professionalism

Strict professionalism. That’s the standard that all law firms deign to follow and it’s the image they wish to present at all times. It’s not hard to see why. Would you hire a law firm that offers anything else for an issue that matters to you? Even something as simple as managing your estate matters so that every element of the organization is considered. In other words, you will probably never see any legal entity advertise themselves using fun cartoons or bunny rabbits during their TV spots.

However, it’s also important to see how to differentiate our brand in a market awash with partner-named services, strict academic-aligned office spaces, and marketing packages that offer a solution to a problem with a premium aesthetic approach.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss how proactive law firms can curate a varied marketing approach that won’t erode their professionalism. This way, when prospective clients are searching for a worthwhile solution, your legal entity will catch their focus first and foremost.

Offer Value-First Legal Resources

Firms that aim to simplify legal perspectives and considerations can educate the potential clients that come their way. This helps add a value-added approach to those who may be interested in legal issues that affect them. It can also improve your SEO rankings to the point where you become a de-facto authority on many topics.

Then, with a gentle call to action at the end of each post, you can inspire someone to contact you for further help. As a minor benefit, giving your legal professionals some space on the blog to outline issues they may be experiencing lately or changes in law can help them express their legal knowledge in the best way; and if there’s one thing lawyers enjoy doing, it’s expressing their professional insight.

Make Sure Your Website Is Designed For Your Brand In Particular

Many firms use similar branding, but it’s not always about what branding you use but how that branding is presented that counts. Making sure your website is designed for your brand in particular is key. For instance, creating a worthwhile ‘Meet X Lawyers’ page can help you showcase your partners and their experience profiles, as well as your junior partners, paralegals, and more. With a website design company that can help structure your web design out of your legal branding; using the principles and humanising presentation of your firm, you’ll offer a unique and compelling online presence.

Ensure Your Packaging Is Welcome To Newcomers

For those who have little experience, and even those who have some experience in legal matters, law firms can seem intimidating. After all, your team are highly educated and capable professionals, they have to be in order to take on and win cases for your clients. Yet for newcomers, this environment can feel like a world away from what they’re used to. So, re-iterating that new clients are welcome, offering refreshments when they visit, and creating a comfortable meeting room for the onboarding of new clients are key. After all, all loyal clients were once newcomer clients, even if they’re from a corporate background themselves.

With this advice, we believe your legal firm can differentiate itself without losing any of your professionalism.


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