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Keeping Your Law Firm Up to Date With Technological Trends in 2021

Owning and running your own Law firm is no easy feat, particularly during a pandemic this past year, but ensuring you have all the necessary tools to thrive and being tech savvy will certainly help, in a world where technology dominates our daily lives.

Consequently you will want to ensure that you remain up to date with these technological trends so you can use them to your advantage to maximise your business potential.

Having an Online Presence to Boost Your Business

Advertising your small law firm online is a necessity in 2021 to capture people’s attention and ultimately drive potential clients towards your business. In 2020 the average daily time spent on social media was at least 3 hours, which is likely to increase this year as well, due to the pandemic and more people getting online. [1]

There are various ways to advertise on the internet, which do not compare to costly printing services to distribute glossy leaflets within your local community or paying premium prices for advertorial space in newspapers.

Writing a legal blog, setting up a YouTube or Facebook business page whereby you can film short informative videos will be beneficial as you can reach out to a large audience. The average number of daily users on YouTube is considered to be more than 1.5 billion [2]. So you certainly want to gain interest with such a large demographic to reach out to.

If the thought of being in the video yourself fills you with dread, you could always ask a family member or friend to be in front of the camera, advertising your business by reading the script you have prepared instead. It would be advisable to have a professional photo of yourself on your business page and website though, as this will make you more relatable to the client and they will be able to put a face to the name of the firm.

Preferred Method of Payment

Juniper Research has estimated that by 2024 globally, at least 50% of the world’s population will be using digital wallets, which would push its value to at least $9 trillion annually [3]. Consequently when you own a business it is essential to keep up to date with changing technologies particularly when it relates to payment methods.

Ensuring you have the correct merchant services for your business is certainly necessary given that the majority of people pay by debit or credit card now when making purchases. The pandemic this past year has also encouraged people to use contactless payments more in order to minimise contact between client and seller.

It has in a certain sense encouraged people to utilise their cards more and accelerated the need for not carrying cash to the same levels as pre Covid-19 times. At least 38% of consumers consider that contactless payments are a simple and effective way of purchasing goods [4]. As a business you will want to ensure that you can process and deal with online payments with ease.

Keep Up To Date With Technological Trends

You may be highly qualified at your job but do you possess the necessary office equipment to productively deal with your clients each day?

It is essential you have the latest technology, so a working laptop and computer, good wifi, printer, scanner, work mobile and fixed landline number, to be able to deal with the level of paperwork that is required.

You will want to be able to undertake basic office duties to run your law firm on a daily basis, whether it is in a physical office space or from home. This includes the following.

  • Be capable of dealing with paperwork in a digital manner. So taking photos of documents and scanning them into your computer system.

  • Backing up all your files onto external hard drives in case of issues with your laptop/computer.

  • Having the most up to date anti-virus on your computer system to protect your files.

  • Be proficient in dealing with various software programs and knowing how to send large documents via email.

If you feel you will struggle to cope with all of this and deal with your clients cases then you will certainly need assistance to be able to deal with all the necessary paperwork. According to Clio’s Legal report Trends, lawyers can easily spend on average 48% of their working day just dealing with administrative jobs [5]. Not something a Law degree necessarily prepares you for.




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