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Lawtomatic Newsletter Issue, #137

By Gabe Teninbaum

My name is Gabe Teninbaum (on Twitter at @GTeninbaum).  I'm a professor, as well as the Assistant Dean for Innovation, Strategic Initiatives, & Distance Education, at Suffolk Law in Boston. I'm also a Visiting Fellow at Yale Law School's Information Society Project My work focuses on legal innovation, technology, and the changing business of law. Every day, I digest tons of content on these topics. The goal of this newsletter is to curate the most interesting, valuable, and thought-provoking of these ideas and share them with you. 

If you like reading it, please subscribe. You're also invited to forward this to others who you think would benefit. Likewise, please email me with feedback, ideas, and tips so I can deliver what's most valuable to you.


The Appetizer: Sponsors

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The Main Course: 5 Things That Made Me Think This Week​

  • Contract Lifecycle Management: People Matter! There is so much focus on the technology component in contracting that sometimes we lose sight of the peoplecomponent. This blog post by Craig Conte of Deloitte Legal talks about why people-skills are needed for vital in contract management. It's a good reminder that problem solving requires the right people, processes, and that order! (hat tip to Bob Taylor).

  • New Issue of LegalBusinessWorld: there's a brand new issue of this free magazine (online version and downloadable PDF). As always, it's terrific: 100+ pages of legal innovation and tech content, with everything from think pieces to very practical skills-focused articles. I also like LBW because it includes global voices instead of the largely US/UK-centric conversation that dominate the legal tech Twitterverse.

  • Clio's Time to Shine: this is the week for Clio's annual conference, which has become the Burning Man of the legal tech circuit. On day 1 alone, Jack Newton, Clio's CEO, broke the news about their "most important product release ever" (hint: it's a payment system that could streamline a lot of work for law firms and client, but there's some other cool stuff too). Bob Ambrogi has broken it down clearly in a post on the event. ALSO, Clio just released its annual "Legal Trends Report," which is especially interesting this year because of all the societal shifts happening as a result of the pandemic. Required reading.

  • Phone App is Engaging in Unauthorized Practice of Law: in Florida Bar v TIKD Services (pdf of the decision), the Florida Supreme Court ruled that an app designed to help drivers fight traffic tickets was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. I respectfully dissent.

  • Meanwhile, in the same time Florida was crushing TIKD, a team of law students and volunteers lead by Suffolk Law's Legal Innovation & Technology Lab has been making a difference with the Court Forms Online project. As one example, the group created an app that allows tenants to file an emergency stay of eviction from their smart phone. One tenant used the app in the middle of an eviction and a judge granted the emergency stay in time to stop the process. This isn't a metaphorical "in the middle of an eviction": the property was literally being taken out of the home, and this app halted the eviction in its tracks. Here's a thread on it, with links to learn more about the project.

  • SNL Hosts Introducing Musical Guests: I'm usually deep in rem sleep by the time the show's host introduces the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, but when I *do* stay up, the music is often pretty great. I never thought of the introduction itself as special, but this Twitter feed is just short clips of SNL hosts introductions. It's surprisingly compelling and you're virtually guaranteed to click on dozens of them if you choose to click on one. Ron Howard introducing the Clash? Ray Romano welcoming Vanilla Ice? Worth seeing. (Hat tip to Prof. Sarah Schendel).

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