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LegalBusinessWorld eMagazine 2020 - ed. #5

Table of Contents | eMagazine 2020 - ed. #5:

  • An Interview with Soledad Atienza, Dean IE Law School, IE University 

  • The shape of lawyers in the future T, O or Delta? Peter Connor

  • Leadership in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from Quarantine, Lindsay Griffiths

  • Becoming Firm Leader: How Difficult A Job It Can Actually Be, Patrick J. McKenna

  • Above And Beyond Virtual Courts, Mauricio Duarte

  • The Fantastic Four of Digital Transformation, Abeer Abu Judeh

  • Stay Calm and Steer Your Firm, Sebastian Hartmann & Stephan Kaufmann

  • Helping Legal Teams Reimagine the Tech Toolkit, Interview Ab Saraswat by Ari Kaplan

  • Critical Preparations, Richard G. Stock

  • Static Legal Teams: A Slow Extinction, Shany Raitsin

  • Central American “Fintech” policy: a call to action, Iraida Herrera Abreu

  • Legal Tech: Moving from ideas to execution, Helena Hallgarn

  • An A.I. Answer For Accurate Legal Spend Forecasting, Alex Kelly

  • Legal tech is over-hyped, Anders Spile

  • Hey GC, Does Your Law Firm Know More About Your Litigation Portfolio Than You Do? Josh Blandi

  • Deciphering ESG frameworks, assessments, and audit tools: Why now is the time to act, Pamela Cone

  • Client retention hampered by decreasing client loyalty, Leo Staub

  • Leadership By Example: What is your Corporate IQ (Inclusivity Quotient)? Anjli Garg

You can download and read the PDF version here.

You can read the online reader version here.


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