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Legaltech - releases software that digitizes management of legal teams and their vendors

The world is digitizing at an accelerated pace and the collaboration, monitoring, coordination and prioritization of our activities remotely and in real time becomes overriding.

Convinced of this and leveraging the experience accumulated over years of advising corporate legal teams in the design of their operational models, launches "Kea ELM", an-Enterprise Legal Management Software ("ELM") designed to automate legal processes, capture data and support each of the challenges faced by modern legal teams.

The development of this management and automation platform is part of the work that is permanently executing in order to generate transformational changes in the legal services market. It constitutes a response focused on those people who every day endure the challenge of working in high-demand legal teams and with persistent pressure for results.

Kea ELM will allow these legal teams and their suppliers to provide full traceability of their communications, coordination and documentation, providing data to continuously improve their collaboration and impact within the organizations in which they operate.

"With the use of our platform, we want legal teams to take control of their agendas, prioritize their work, efficiently manage their resources, have visibility into their affairs, automate their processes and develop data that allows them to evaluate their contribution to the business in the same way that a finance, marketing or other area would," said Julie McPherson, CSO at

The functionalities of control dashboards, automated task assignment, deployment of templates and models, process standardization, agile management of legal projects in collaboration with internal and external clients, decision making leveraged on reliable data, self-managed reports, collaborative spaces, among many other attributes, allow Kea ELM to be positioned within the most sophisticated solutions in the world of legal team management.

"We will achieve success with our platform when we are able to observe lawyers and legal team members freeing up the time they spend on expendable tasks and can quantitatively demonstrate their impact on the fulfillment of their organizations' objectives. We want Kea ELM's users to be our main ambassadors, and to that end every improvement and functionality is geared today and will be geared in the future to give them extraordinary experiences," said Guillermo Teibo, CIO at

To this end, is already developing multiple modules and native integrations with common work tools, such as contract life cycle managers, communication tools, Microsoft and Google ecosystems, functional AI applications, among others, which will be incorporated as functionalities in the coming months.

Kea ELM aims to become the main business intelligence and process automation solution for legal teams that see the need to get on the digital transformation path hand in hand with the strategy of those organizations they support or provide services to.

"Since we created we have been privileged witnesses of the complexity and dynamism that the role of in-house lawyers in companies has acquired. Therefore, we wanted to contribute to facilitate their work and allow them to use their scarce time in those actions that really make a difference. Thus, we understood that it was necessary to build a friendly, intuitive, easy to adopt and implement solution that really has the potential to free them from the pressure of the environment, contributing with information and automation". Teibo declares.

"Digital transformation is a priority and our platform will really allow us to build a knowledge management center based on a deep understanding of the role played by an internal or external legal team in an easily accessible format. I am confident that our platform will prove to be an invaluable resource for all those who believe in the potential of information-empowered legal teams," said Andres Jara, CEO of

Last but not least, has invested with determination in empowering its team with a commitment to offer its clients constant monitoring of the platform's performance, testing and optimization, as well as continuous support to its users to guarantee its impact. "We are looking for a complete interaction between the user and the internal team, as "software as a service", we are constantly watching that their journey is the most appropriate, without leaving aside all the learning that may exist in the process to continue improving and delivering a world class service" says Jara.


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