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NEW: Conscious Inclusion Company Series

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

By Editorial Department.

A Series on Diversity and Inclusion by the renowned Conscious Inclusion Company

In conjunction with our channel partners, we deliver a full service, complete immersion, from beginning-to-end package to institute meaningful change in your organization. At the Executive Institute on Inclusion (EII), we do not just provide a speaker and workshop materials. We dive deep into your specific company culture, we use AI/NLP and data analytics to give you the deepest possible reporting and insights into your areas of opportunity. EII addresses those areas with a first-in-class faculty, through customized workshops, story-based learning, and meaningful interactive skills-based seminars. We assign you a personal project manager to partner with you to turn your diversity initiatives into actionable, measurable, next steps that eradicate structural racism and eliminate institutional inequities. And we create change to your organizational systems, change that is are long-lasting. We partner with clients to create a bespoke DEI toolkit specifically addressing policies, practices, pay, and pipeline — and we work with you to ensure the changes are implemented.  From beginning to end, this comprehensive program delivers results.

Members of our esteemed EII faculty share their own thought leadership on topics involving DEI, we are thrilled to share them with you to help you too combat bias and eradicate structural racism.

We hope that you find this series useful and that you feel confident to reach out to us for further information on what it TRULY takes to create meaningful change in this fight for equity in the workplace and equality in the world!


Susan C Freeman, CEO & C0-Founder



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