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Community Mental Health & Well-being 

Welcome at the community for mental health and well-being. Addressing mental health and well-being within the legal profession is paramount for fostering a sustainable work environment. The rigors of legal work can take a toll on individuals, leading to heightened stress levels and potential burnout. It's essential for legal professionals to proactively engage in self-care practices, seek assistance when necessary, and actively promote open dialogues about mental health to cultivate a supportive workplace culture.

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Forum Mental Health & Well-being

Join the online discussion board where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest on mental health and well-being

Professional Profiles

Meet professionals and companies that are specialized in Mental Health issues and Well-being. Read their profiles and see in what area they can help you.

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Erasing the Stigma: Conversations about Mental Health in the Legal Profession is hosted by Mark Yacano who engages in thought-provoking dialogue with a diverse group legal, mental health and wellness experts discussing the state of mental health and well-being in the profession and exploring the opportunities that exist to destigmatize the challenges and build awareness.

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