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Get Noticed, Boost Engagement, Claim Leadership & Increase your Brand Awareness with

Your Personal Book|White Paper


Stand out with one of the best content marketing solutions with long-lasting value. Bundle your blog post; Present your event, its sponsors, and speakers; Share your survey and/or business insights; Present your catalog with an overview of your products and services, and stand out against competitors. Our publishing and promotion professionals are ready to help you claim leadership, engagement, and expertise in the legal market. 

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It is easy

  1. Sent us your content (Word, Pages, PDF, JPG, PNG)

  2. Legal Business World -LBW- reviews the content

  3. LBW uses your PDF or designs 5 tests with different layout 

  4. LBW processes your request and sends you a magazine Beta version 

  5. After we agree upon the adjustments the final version is processed

  6. You will receive the magazine in PDF and Flipbook 

  7. LBW will upload the edition to their library

  8. SEO; indexing and tagging (metadata) are added

  9. LBW publishes a dedicated post (featured posts) and informs their subscribers (newsletter)

depending on the complexity the entire process normally takes between 5-10 days



Publish your book at Legal Business World, and other outlets/shops of your choice. LBW makes sure your copy is usable in the stores you prefer. LBW even can make hard copies of your work. With over 25 years of experience we know how to publish an A+ grade book

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Use LBW to share the outcomes of your research or survey with your network and all the visitors and subscribers of LBW. Inform all legal professionals about the survey or research outcomes and gain more traction. We process your PDF or bundle your data in a new professional publication.

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One of the premium solutions in content marketing is to share your story, insight & knowledge in a white paper. We can process your PDF or design a white paper. The white paper can be processed as PDF and in a flipbook version. All white papers are marketed via LBW and the channels of your choice.

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Inform the market, leads and prospects about your products and services by giving them an overview, links to demo's and other detailed information and inform the market about the unique value points of your products and services. Familarity and transparancy with your solutions are the biggest drivers behind prospect conversion. 

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