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Legal Business World

Though the State of Law is mainly a domestic affair, legal business is not limited by borders. All over the world legal professionals, firms, law schools, and companies are faced with similar challenges. Changing markets and client demands,  the rise of LegalTech, leadership succession, changing business models, differentiation,  and so on. In all countries, regions, and continents we see similar challenges and corresponding information needs.
Success is no longer based on 'doing business as usual'. The legal market has changed into a dynamic marketplace and all its associated challenges. Those who dare to face these challenges, will stand out and be successful.

Legal Business World recognizes these challenges and offers a platform, content, and community to connect with professionals and share knowledge, insights, and opinions. Information that inspires and helps you to build a sustainable business.  Based in the US with offices in Europe LBW they're building a stronghold on the business of law. 
"We deliver the ingredients, it's up to you to learn and use them successfully"

For, and by Legal Market Professionals
+1500  Thought Leaders, Industry Experts, and Legal Connoisseurs from all over the world share their knowledge, insights, and opinions from a local and global perspective.

Open platform and free sharing  
We stand by the principle of equality in arms. Information budgets should never be a differentiator in the availability of, or accessibility to,  knowledge, information, and insight. That's why Legal Business World is an open platform on which content is shared for free

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Legal Business World is founded by Joek Peters and Allard Winterink. In 2023 they partnered with Cash Butler of Clarilegal and R3. This concluded with Cash joining the management team full-time in 2024. Together they have +60 years of publishing and media experience as senior executives/board members in the corporate world and as innovators/developers in the online world.

A large part of their professional publishing and media experience is based on activities for the legal, tax, scientific, finance, and regulatory markets.  

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Legal Business World, Ann Arbor Michigan, 48103, USA 

Offices: USA | Netherlands | Belgium

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